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Feb 25, 2011

Macaroon (Macaron) craze

 You probably would have had to be living under a rock for the past year, maybe two? three? for the macaron craze to have eluded you. Ok, I say macaroon but I will spell it Macaron so that I can somewhat feel authentic. However I am going to attempt to train myself to say it authentically so that it doesn't impede itself on my beloved coconut macaroon.
 I have never had the pleasure of tasting one. But from the sound of it, I think it would be something I would really enjoy. A smooth, crunchy exterior with a slightly chewy, soft center? add to it a buttercream or jam filling, endless flavor possibilities and combinations and always having a base of almond. YUM! I Have requested this book from my library and eagerly await for the arrival.

I'm having some friends over next weekend and will attempt to make one or two flavors.
There is one area I will do a little more research into, which is coloring. I believe the
addition of a fruit juice for color may disrupt the chemistry that makes a meringue,
however I am not sure. I would like to eventually add the India Tree natural food coloring set
to my little baking stash. I havn't had much luck in finding it so more than likely I will order
                   it from Amazon.
Mmmmm, brightly hued frosting, why does it look so good?

Feb 24, 2011

from "I will" to "I do" and everything in between.

So It has happened, (well actually a few months ago now) We are FINALLY engaged!
It took the boy 10 years, but the glorious day came.
on October 29th,on our 10 year "dating" anniversary(also his birthday),
my sweetie woke me up, got onto his knee and opened the ring box. I teared up, and smiled.
I had teased him for years that I wanted an unexpected, surprise of a proposal. um, this it was.
Just the day before I was talking with a good friend on the phone. "do you think he'll do it tomorrow? your 10 year?" No waaay i said and thought. We have been in each others faces
every non-working, waking and sleeping moment for the past 10 years. and for the past year, even more so, working on our first home, our personal "Money Pit". :)
So yes! when he came to my side of the bed before our normal wake up for work time, I thought perhaps it was just a cute little anniversary morning kiss. Then it took over. Whats he doing? why is he on the floor? I'm half awake, this must be important. He smiled devilishly, and popped an open ring box into my sight. You know, I'm not sure of what was even said. Giddiness, smiles, some tears of joy and then phone calls to Mom, Dad and my sister.
I suddenly remembered it was a Friday morning. " you have to go to work" I said with a frown, I think he thought I was crazy. "of course i took the day off" he said and laughed.
I desperately need to get back into crafting, creating, imagining and doing.
This wedding may be just the thing i need to kick start myself back into creativity.
I want to make as much as possible. It will be a simple, yet elegant, do-it-myself, homespun and homemade type of occasion. I mean what better way to incorporate all of my loves?
Crafting, baking, planning, gardening & lists, endless lists! I cannot wait!