Just a little place for me to post to my hearts content. My crafts and creations, photos and thoughts.

About me

I love art and design of all kinds. Sewing, crafting, taking photos and baking are a few of my hobbies. We bought our first home in September of 2009. I can not believe how the time has flown. It used to be "we just bought a house!" it turned into "yea, we bough a house 2 months ago!" now its been over a year? what?  Our lives have been engulfed in renovating and remodeling this house of ours in hopes of turning it into a home. My dear fiance is a very skilled carpenter so not only does he spend his days working on other people's projects, he then comes home and works on ours! YIKES!
  With Spring approaching I look forward to planning my first vegetable garden, and adding many more plants to our garden and yard.
   We are now engaged and I look forward to planning and creating the wedding of our dreams. So I predict this blog will turn into a wedding notebook for a while :)