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May 20, 2009

A new project online, my social network group

I have started a social network called "La Dolce Vita" on Ning.
I hope that if anyone is interested they will stop by, join in,
and add some comments and ideas! take a peek here
A network to connect lovers of crafting, baking, gardening
knitting, sewing, living a simpler life, natural health and living.

May 13, 2009

Peter, My very first attempt at needle felting.

I've had the wool for years now, the needles were cheap, the time finally came!
My first needle felted anything, I must say it was very satisfying to make something
from loose wool roving. Now on to many more, happy little things :)

May 12, 2009

Curry,calendulas and clematis Oh My!

Outside the world is in bloom, and draped in electric green foliage. I uncovered my plants that I attempted to winter over in a protected spot in my mothers yard. So far the only thing peeking is the various mints. Last season was the first time I had my own plants, all in containers. Due to the fact that I do not yet have my own residence, I covered them in straw and a plastic tablecloth outside and hoped for the best. We will see!
I have already added to my large collection, I can't help it. I bought yet another lemon verbena, and was ecstatic to find a curry and a scented geranium. yippee! Two items which I had never found previously. The curry smells of maple syrup, and the geranium, citronella. I would love to find a rose or peach scented geranium this year. I bough two flats of Calendulas and may try my hand at planting some lettuce in containers this year as well.

Sean bought me a small Clematis, so I fashioned a rather (too) large trellis and planted her today. I just know I will get some comments on the ridiculousness of the trellis size, but at least It made me feel thrifty.