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Apr 22, 2009

Ever heard of Fishs Eddy? I think I love them.

Ok, so I never thought I would post a commercial about a product that I liked, so sorry ahead of time, but these vintage looking bowls are calling my name. I found this company through a website through another website, you know how that happens. I thought I was the queen of nifty homegoods stores but apparently I missed one. The kicker here is that their stuff is WICKED cheap! I'm near Boston so yea, wicked awesome. Take a peek here, I'm trying to save money but I think I could spare a few bucks!?? right?

Apr 16, 2009

Im ready to Guerrilla Garden!!

Ever hear of this thing called "Guerrilla Gardening"? What an idea! You find and pick a random, lifeless parcel of land, in need of some tender loving care and you either scatter some seeds or dig it up and put in some plants. Whether alone or with a couple of determined soldiers by your side, the selfless act of spreading some seeds in much needed areas will bring smiles to more than just your face.
Go ahead and take a look at this book by Richard Reynolds on AMAZON.

Here is a forum where countries and states are divided up so you can find a group near you.

Apr 4, 2009

Practice Random acts of kindness. What do you do?

Surprisingly I found it a little difficult to find sites that had a good setup for any information on organizations that work towards the goal of inspiring others to perform random acts of kindness.

I did happen to come across a site were someone has shared a whole bunch of fun ideas for others to do and share. Take a look at it HERE . It does seem to make it a little easier just to have it suggested to you. If anyone knows of good sites, links, lists or has any ideas of their own please let me know!!!

Apr 1, 2009

tweet tweet, I'm twittering now.

Well Im officially Twittering now. I dont know if this is a good thing. I had this sudden rush of excitment that I will have a place to write all the odd, and strange things that float through my mind at any moment. The kind of stuff that, if posted on my blog, would seem odd and random.
I have this romantic thought of myself out and about, in a store or library, reading a great quote or observing a funny scene and texting it to my twitter site. hah. With my recent computer usage up like 100% this could be another means to the end of my outdoor life. very sad isn't it?
Why have we grown so interested in any random persons thoughts? maybe it helps us feel less alone in a world that can be cold. It can take years to establish true, lifelong friendships. But online simply type in a searchbox who or what you are looking for and it instatly pops up. Instant gratification without the work or pain.
Anyhoot, the twitter site is sorta messed up at the moment so I can't navigate it, or learn exactly how to use it yet, but yes, I've joined the movement.