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Mar 31, 2009

"fall on your knees" a fiction book that I loved!

So I've never really been a fiction reading type of gal. I really don't know why. I guess I always thought that I would rather get something out of the reading, so I am stocked with crafting, baking, gardening and many, many "self help" and spiritual books. Oh sure there have been the various required reading for school along the way, with some pretty enjoyable books, however I enjoy more of a complex and racy plot. I think that is all about to change. With the exception of "Memoirs of a Geisha" a while back, I just finished one of my FIRST fiction books. The title is "Fall on your knees" and I absolutely loved it. I picked it up for about .50 cents at the library. It had a half peeled off sticker that read "Oprah's book club." I assure you the sticker is not what sold it to me. Here is the Amazon review. I am very suprised to find that it does not have a higher rating from readers, But I suppose that just keeps me in a league (sorta) of my own.
I am going to promise myself that I am going to continue my fiction reading...
Any suggestions??? I'm thinking Revolutionary road, or even the twilight books

Mar 23, 2009

Moving on.

Oh, what sadness. Our plans to purchase a home have fallen through :(
Our dissapointment has motivated our next home search however,
so we are moving on lets say, to BIGGER and BETTER things!

Mar 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Happy (second) day of spring! Yesterday our dream of owning a home (our first place!)
came true. Well, the start of the process began. I am truly floating on cloud nine. We have already gone to lowes, picked out paint chips, drew sketches, priced appliances, and all that fun stuff. If all goes well about a month and a half is when we can move in!... Anyhoot, with Easter on its way, I tried my hand at designing some templates and I ended up with, what I call, Cupcake picks. Cut them out, paste them together with a toothpick between and stick 'em into treats to add some festive color to your goodies. The quality is a little low at the moment, I had
some trouble converting the file into a printable one. But if anyone is interested Here you go!

Mar 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's!

The thought of St. Patrick's day instantly conjures up images of
a boiled dinner,with steaming wafts of vinegar and mustard.
So I thought it would be quite appropriate
to share a few Irish proverbs I found,
"I'ts no use boiling your cabbage twice."
"Never bolt your your door with a boiled carrot"
"You must take the little potato with the big potato"
Also, if you're feeling the need to toss a few Clover seeds in a garden or path,
(or to sprout and eat) take a peek at these sellers: EcoOasis~ for sprouting

Mar 12, 2009

First Five

Well, I am very new to blogging, as this simple little place can tell you. However I learn more tricks everyday, and perhaps someday I will have taught myself enough to have a nifty site that others will bookmark? ha ha but until that day comes I'll keep on enjoying the feeling that writing brings. BUT for anyone who happens to take a glance this way, I am having a little fun with a game called ~* FIRST FIVE *~. Here's How it goes:

1. The first five people to stop by and comment on this post will receive a

special little gift made by me. I get to choose what it is, so I hope that you enjoy it :) .

2. You Will have no idea what it will be, and what I create will be made just for you.

3. It will be made and sent to you sometime this year, so by Dec. 31 2009.

4. Now here's the "game" part, You must re-post this on YOUR blog, and make the

same offer to your first five responders.

5. Sound like fun? then leave me a comment and get ready to get a happy little surprise!


Only 8 days until official spring! and my seed packets are continuously growing in numbers. Last spring, all of the seeds I started indoors (and there were many) sadly died off when I attempted to introduce them to the real outdoors. So this year I am just going to toss a few in various pots when the weather outside is ideal. Or even better, perhaps I'll have my own home and yard to introduce them to? (::wink wink:: my fingers are tightly crossed).
The free seeds I sent away for arrived and nothing in life is more exciting then receiving free things! The envelope that arrived from Wintersown.org was packed with delightful little baggies of various seeds. I received: mexican hat-(ratabida columnifera), Sweet william-(dianthus barbatus), Lacy phacelia-(phacelia tanacetifolia), May queen-(a lettuce?), Rudbeckia triloba, Coreopsis, Ace 55 tomato, Broccoli Rabe-(rapa centroventina), Blue boy-(centaurea cyanus),and some Scarlet O'Hara morning glory seeds! Oh what fun! I also received a packet of carrot seeds from Ed Hume seeds to help the organization "Plant a row for the hungry." Ed Hume seeds will send you some veggie seeds in return for you donating your extra produce to neighboring food distributors Take a look at the form HERE. And I can't forget the Four-O'clock seeds from Symbolofhope.com.