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Mar 21, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Happy (second) day of spring! Yesterday our dream of owning a home (our first place!)
came true. Well, the start of the process began. I am truly floating on cloud nine. We have already gone to lowes, picked out paint chips, drew sketches, priced appliances, and all that fun stuff. If all goes well about a month and a half is when we can move in!... Anyhoot, with Easter on its way, I tried my hand at designing some templates and I ended up with, what I call, Cupcake picks. Cut them out, paste them together with a toothpick between and stick 'em into treats to add some festive color to your goodies. The quality is a little low at the moment, I had
some trouble converting the file into a printable one. But if anyone is interested Here you go!


It' an Evolution said...

CONGRATS on the new homeowner status!!!! You will love it. Thanks for posting the vintage fabric sites as well. There are so many different things that I need resources for and that is one of them.
I am looking forward to following your progress on the home!
Take care

Leidy said...

Thats great! Good luck... Thanks for stopping by my blog.