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Mar 31, 2009

"fall on your knees" a fiction book that I loved!

So I've never really been a fiction reading type of gal. I really don't know why. I guess I always thought that I would rather get something out of the reading, so I am stocked with crafting, baking, gardening and many, many "self help" and spiritual books. Oh sure there have been the various required reading for school along the way, with some pretty enjoyable books, however I enjoy more of a complex and racy plot. I think that is all about to change. With the exception of "Memoirs of a Geisha" a while back, I just finished one of my FIRST fiction books. The title is "Fall on your knees" and I absolutely loved it. I picked it up for about .50 cents at the library. It had a half peeled off sticker that read "Oprah's book club." I assure you the sticker is not what sold it to me. Here is the Amazon review. I am very suprised to find that it does not have a higher rating from readers, But I suppose that just keeps me in a league (sorta) of my own.
I am going to promise myself that I am going to continue my fiction reading...
Any suggestions??? I'm thinking Revolutionary road, or even the twilight books

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