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Mar 12, 2009


Only 8 days until official spring! and my seed packets are continuously growing in numbers. Last spring, all of the seeds I started indoors (and there were many) sadly died off when I attempted to introduce them to the real outdoors. So this year I am just going to toss a few in various pots when the weather outside is ideal. Or even better, perhaps I'll have my own home and yard to introduce them to? (::wink wink:: my fingers are tightly crossed).
The free seeds I sent away for arrived and nothing in life is more exciting then receiving free things! The envelope that arrived from Wintersown.org was packed with delightful little baggies of various seeds. I received: mexican hat-(ratabida columnifera), Sweet william-(dianthus barbatus), Lacy phacelia-(phacelia tanacetifolia), May queen-(a lettuce?), Rudbeckia triloba, Coreopsis, Ace 55 tomato, Broccoli Rabe-(rapa centroventina), Blue boy-(centaurea cyanus),and some Scarlet O'Hara morning glory seeds! Oh what fun! I also received a packet of carrot seeds from Ed Hume seeds to help the organization "Plant a row for the hungry." Ed Hume seeds will send you some veggie seeds in return for you donating your extra produce to neighboring food distributors Take a look at the form HERE. And I can't forget the Four-O'clock seeds from Symbolofhope.com.

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