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Dec 17, 2011

*Dee-lish* Sour cream pound cake

  I made this for Thanksgiving when I had an over abundance of sour cream, and also needed something more for the dessert table. A quick search turned up a Paula Deen recipe. Made it, and LOVED it. Then I made it again a few days ago aaaaand its already gone! This doesnt make a small cake either. It comes out with a very fine, not too moist not too dry crumb. It bakes perfectly even and it creates its own fine lightly crunchy crust to the batter that is exposed to air in the oven. It's just sooo good. For thanksgiving I made it with my own muscle power and a few days ago with my bright new shiny kitchenaid stand mixer and both times it came out perfect and consistent.   For the recipe head over here to Food Network :) Thanks Paula

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