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Feb 7, 2012

Learning to crochet

  Well, last week I tought myself how to crochet using youtube videos, and it's been just the fun little thing I've needed to beat these gloomy winter blues.  The first thing I made was a "face cloth" and ehh, it's a bit unique. You can see the progress as I got the hang of things.

 Next I started making flowers out of any yarn I had lying around.

and finally I went out and got myself some wool yarn so that I could make some flowers and then Felt them in the washing machine.
((top is a double petal, bottom left a triple petal and bottom right I'm calling a marigold))

I've really enjoyed it and look forward to tuning my new-found skills.
( Bad photos taken courtesy of my cell phone)

Here's the marigold before being felted.

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