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May 12, 2009

Curry,calendulas and clematis Oh My!

Outside the world is in bloom, and draped in electric green foliage. I uncovered my plants that I attempted to winter over in a protected spot in my mothers yard. So far the only thing peeking is the various mints. Last season was the first time I had my own plants, all in containers. Due to the fact that I do not yet have my own residence, I covered them in straw and a plastic tablecloth outside and hoped for the best. We will see!
I have already added to my large collection, I can't help it. I bought yet another lemon verbena, and was ecstatic to find a curry and a scented geranium. yippee! Two items which I had never found previously. The curry smells of maple syrup, and the geranium, citronella. I would love to find a rose or peach scented geranium this year. I bough two flats of Calendulas and may try my hand at planting some lettuce in containers this year as well.

Sean bought me a small Clematis, so I fashioned a rather (too) large trellis and planted her today. I just know I will get some comments on the ridiculousness of the trellis size, but at least It made me feel thrifty.

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