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Aug 14, 2012

Wedding stuff

Well, as far as wedding planning is going, there are a few new ideas, lists, and such that have been consuming me recently. I must say PINTEREST is a very, VERY favorite time passer (waster) for me and my wedding board is full of happy things.  Is it just me or does anyone else have a sense of keeping wedding pins secretive? Like I'd rather post my wedding ideas to some code encrypted secret file so no one can see the glorious party that the wedding hopefully will be. I even get this weird secretive thing here on this blog, like I will be discovered by my entire guest list and they will see everything I'm planning. What is wrong with me? I guess its just the hostess/ wanna-be-great-entertainer in me wanting for everyone to have a grand time (and not see it coming heh)
               As far as crafts for decorating and such, I do intent on posting about completed projects as they come, its just that nothing has been made yet. I have ideas for my invitations and save-the-dates, the general feel and color scheme, the food, the music and the atmosphere. Now the hard part is going to be really buckling down and saving $ for it and organizing my easily distracted mind into getting things done in order and on time.
 If i could sum up what im dreaming of in a picture at this moment, it would be this color board from 100layercake .com  

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