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Feb 14, 2009


If someone were to ask me "Do you collect anything?" I would probably turn bright red as I listed the many, MANY various items that I have been stashing away for years.( stashing because I do not yet have a home of my own) Not because I am ashamed, but rather because I fear sounding like a lunatic. There's Milk glass, Jadite, Antique teacups, Christmas ornaments, Fiestaware (even though I only own ONE piece!) any kind of aluminum bake ware, and my recent favorite, antique tablecloths. I absolutely cannot get enough! The first thing I look for upon entering a thrift or antique shop is cheap linens. I don’t know how many tables I expect to have some day but I apparently will be having a lot of tea parties. I am going to get some together and take a photo (for my own satisfaction) and post it here so that I can look at my happy collection all together whenever I feel the need to smile.

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