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Jan 9, 2010

New year, New home, New life.

Well we did it. We purchased our first house and we are working hard at making it a home. Time is flying yet standing still at the same time. We have gotten so much accomplished but there is still much, MUCH to be done. We were lucky enough to find a house with a large barn/garage much to our delight. Hopefully this can serve as a release to both of us in the form of both a workshop and studio. Here is a photo of our barn in the freshly fallen snow. It came complete with 3 horse stalls. We look forward to updating its tired look in the spring.
We are moving along one room at a time, and hopefully by spring/summer the majority of the dirty remodeling work is done. Horse-hair and lathe construction can be a real bitch!
I look forward to this new year with a new sense of excitement for what is to come.


It' an Evolution said...

Oh you are so lucky...that work space is a piece of heaven even though the process of making it all yours is hard.
Hope you are coping and getting ready for a new post soon. Love to see what you have done.
Take care

Eva said...

Thank you so much Janet!
I need to organize my self a bit and then I will begin posting some before and afters of the rooms, and of the work we have been doing. I have to say this winter is taking a toll on my energy and creativity. I hope it returns soon :) BTW your recent post is so beautiful. Both your first and current home reflect a feeling of comfort and coziness that you created yourself. I hope I can acheive that here in our new home.