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Jan 18, 2010

Seed starting and winter-sowing

( some seeds I got from wintersown.org last year)
Just thinking about having a garden of my own this year sends butterflies through me. The thought of creating a landscape atmosphere out of barren yard is enthralling. As far as we can tell our newly acquired lot is going to need a lot of amendments. The soil is very poor draining and has gravel from an old driveway scattered throughout. There is no evidence of a previous garden or landscaping of any sort, so we have free will to start from scratch. I usually never have a problem with artistic freedom, but somehow I have managed to stress over the responsibility. I am loving browsing the many seed catalogs that I have received. My favorite being Richters herbs. If you have not heard of them check them out HERE I must say I find their website a little bit simplified, however their catalog has become my go-to catalog for descriptions and uses of herbs of any kind. I also am thoroughly enjoying my Baker creek Heirloom seeds catalog ( Rareseeds.com ) It has almost a picture book quality and is going to find a place on my book shelf. I am going to attempt to do a little winter-sowing as described by the website Wintersown.org, using some milk jugs and such and see how I fare. Also I am going to set up a station in our basement with seed flats to start some seeds using a timed grow light.

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