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Mar 22, 2011

Learning where to draw the line

   ALL photos from WD Device 4318
Wedding planning is rapidly taking charge of my life. But I love it! I really think it sort of combines all of my loves..planning..listing…dreaming..decorating..baking..and so much more.  I have a limited budget of whatever we can save by the wedding date and whatever is graciously donated to the fund by the ‘rents. However I think, no, I KNOW that even if I had a vast and unlimited wedding account at my disposal I would probably be doing everything the same. Here is what I plan to do, (this may be something I look back upon and laugh at because of my naivety but I sincerely hope that It isn't) I plan to:
  • Grow My own flowers - Why not put money into beautifying our own barren yard while at the same time providing us with our own blooms for the wedding, and I love to garden
  • Bake my own wedding cakes and desserts – I plan on having a glorious desserts buffet of cookies candies and several different flavored cakes. A stand alone freezer for the garage for all that cookie dough may be a necessity
  • Decorate myself –  I plan on making and/or purchasing all of the elements to use to decorate our venue. I plan on using my milk glass and vintage vase collection along with jars and glasses for centerpieces. constructing swags, flags and streamers for hanging. Displaying photos of us through the years with family.
  • Buy instead of rent -  When I can!
  • I pod=Dj – However I will need to buy one! I will graciously ask for i-tunes gift cards this coming Christmas and for my next birthday
  • Sew some linens -  I will look into what it would cost to sew my own napkins,runners and perhaps the tablecloths if I don’t use the ones from my fun vintage collection.
    We plan on hiring … a photographer with our style in our price range. This may be tough. A caterer for a delish buffet style dinner. A photo booth is a maybe but I would love for it to be a definite. And perhaps another little something I’m thinking but will keep to myself for now.
     Here’s the problem. Where do I draw the line? Where does it change from “This was so worth it!” to “What was I thinking”?  I don’t even allow myself to think that it will be stressful, which must sound like pure delusion to some brides who have gone before me. I do find I am the type of person who finds joy in these things rather than stressors that need to checked off of a list. Here is the thought that brought my little planning mind to a sudden hault….I was thinking about the coffee and tea station and I was thinking of all the ways I would set it up. Perhaps I should purchase another thermal coffee dispenser, have some cute tea options, some flavored syrups and organic sugar cubes , and then I thought, orrr should I just let/pay the caterer to do it? Am I ridiculous to plan out the COFFEE & TEA bar at my OWN wedding?  ( I’ll tell you the truth, right now my mind is saying do it! its what you love to do! enjoy and do it) I mean, It’s not like I picture myself in my wedding dress, standing behind the coffee dispenser asking “milk or cream?” I just picture myself enjoying the set up BEFORE the wedding.  I guess for now I'll just learn as I go.

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