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Mar 16, 2011

~Wedding fun~ renting vs. purchasing silverware part 1

                                                                                        iMOM Formal Place Setting
I have started the time consuming process of researching rental items for our wedding. My question is this, why would I rent if I can buy for the same amount of money or less? My first item of question is “flatware.”
  I call it  silverware, however true silverware sadly, will not be making an appearance at our wedding.  Stainless steel will be, which I know is what the majority of brides use anyway right?   Now it comes down to High end, heavy, polished flatware  or light weight, somewhat dull economy flatware. Of course the rental prices between the two differ somewhere between 25 or more cents per piece. If you were to have a super traditional setting with 7+ silverware pieces per guest at 100 guests, it would cost an additional $175 to opt for the fancier flatware. ( again this is the difference in price ~lets say 7 pieces per guest at 100 guests…economy flatware at .38 =$266. Fancier flatware at .63c ea. =$441…difference $175)
  Now I understand that for shiny, heavy, fancy silverware that adds to an elegant place setting, this cost difference seems to be not so bad.  For others-me!- it just doesn’t matter that much.  This is just the flatware, there are so many other way more important aspects to a beautiful celebration, and I would prefer to put that  money towards other things if I don’t just end up keeping it for myself Smile
I am now entertaining the idea of purchasing ALL of the flatware that we will use at the wedding. I am going for a more casual look and feel, having a place setting consisting of  3 main pieces, a knife, fork and spoon and a smaller fork and spoon later for dessert and coffee. I plan on purchasing extra pieces along with a few cute butter knives for each table along with serving pieces. I am going to work on compiling my resource lists and comparison charts for my next post!
to keep these posts from turning into essays I will break them up into parts for my own sake and for anyone who might stumble upon and read.

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