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Mar 10, 2011

Well Wed on the Cape

I'm really, really excited for this saturday. My honey and me will be taking a little trip down to the cape to attent the WellWed Cape and Islands wedding affair. yahoo!. 
  A weekend ago we attended the Great bridal Expo in Boston. Insert huge yawn here. It was
sooo not my thing. We made a quick round, got a few free wedding mags (for inspiration book purposes) and left. It was pretty much the culmination of all the things about weddings that drive me crazy. Bla, cookie cutter, and expensive. But it was my very first wedding event anything. Even though I had a slight (ok huge) idea I wouldnt get too much of it, I still made us go. It was free, with the exception of gas and parking and it got us out of the house.
   So this saturday is looking like a lot of like-minded fun. Artsy-fartsy, colorful, lively fun. And even though I don't anticipate being able to afford many of the vendors or services, one can dream. Dream translates to steal  borrow ideas, make them myself and take all the glorious credit. bwa-hahahah!


nicole @ our three reasons said...

i bet you'll find all kinds of incredible ideas to borrow. ;) are you going to blog about them!? i've been engaged for a while but we aren't at a point where we are planning our wedding yet .. so, i'm living through other girls planning their weddings. ;) ha! love your blog, by the way! i'll be back!

Transplant said...

Loooooove the borrowing ideas idea!! I do that all of the time. :) I feel like the best weddings I go to are the ones that have cool home/handmade stuff - big huge expensive flower arrangements are SO out!

Eva said...

hey nicole, yes! I sure hope I stay organized enough to blog about all the things that inspire me through out this entire crazy process :) Hope something may be of interest to you!
...and transplant(haha dont know your name) yes I agree that going to an event that feels like the person put a little heart into it makes a huge difference,hopefully I can achieve something along those lines :) and to hell with those redic arrangements!