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Mar 17, 2011

~Wedding Fun~ Renting vs. purchasing Silverware Part 2

formal setting
   I have been figuring 20 extra flatware sets over my expected guest count. This may be overkill, I’m not sure. Also I would like to have  a set for each hired individual that works at our wedding which may only be a few.              Ill assume 120 guests + 20 extra settings for a total of 140 needed sets. From the few companies I have looked into, the averages come out as
dinner knife .45,  butter knife  .38,    dinner fork .38,  teaspoon  .38.
I am thinking of having a dinner knife, fork and spoon at each setting, and having a dessert fork and coffee spoon set up on the dessert buffet table for later. If we end up not serving soup well, the spoon can be used for whatever fits your fancy. Swirling ice cubes in the lemonade for example.
I also would like to have a butter knife, or small fancy condiment knife, one for every two people. So about 4 per table (along with  4 butter dishes). People can share a bit right?    (plus 20 extra)
So back to the equation. .45(knife)+.38(fork)+.38(spoon)+.38(second fork)+.38(second spoon) X 140 settings= $275.80   
 ~plus~  .38(butter knife)x 90=$34.20 for a grand total of $310            Now this is with the cheapest options available from the rental companies. The quality, I’m assuming, is a step or so above a really cheap economy flatware.  Because I do not have the items in front of me and the pictures don’t show many angles I am figuring that what I would get through renting might be slightly higher quality than what I will get if I buy. I still think purchasing is the way to go for me.
PROS: you own it! the money you spend doesn’t go away after the night is over, you can sell some or all of the settings to make back some money, there are no hourly time restrictions so you will not be charged an additional day if you don’t have it cleaned and ready to go.
CONS: the quality may not be tip top, but hey it’s not like there will be expensive settings there to compare it to and people just want to eat and dance anyway right?
    Ok, onto the resources and fun stuff, I have found a few different places offering pretty inexpensive flatware. So far I have done comparison work on two.  First AmericanDiscountTableware.com  has a few flatware sets. The “heavy weight” Windsor or Dominion style flatware, one of the cheapest, work out at approx.  .19 c a spoon, .25 c for a salad(dessert) fork, .27 c for a dinner fork and .55 c for a dinner knife.  *So 22 sets of 12 spoons(264)=$50.16, 12 sets of 12 dinner forks(144)=$38.64  12 sets of 12 dessert forks(144)=$35.16, and 17 sets of 12 knives(204)=$112.88 Grand total of  $236.84
( note: I am in the process of figuring shipping costs from this company)
another option is the “heavy weight” vibro finish Crown flatware, which works out to approximately $292.56crown_header
Restockit.com has some interesting options also, however the sale that makes the prices worth it end this Sunday. I did a whole work-up but seeing that the sale ends so soon I will watch to see if they have a sale again and do a new write up then.
Ikea currently has a 16 piece set on sale for 3.99  essentially making each piece .25 cents. and each 4 piece setting cost only $1! Not sure if this deal will disappear soon or not. This is an in-store deal only so you would have to find your local Ikea to scoop them up. Even though they are a bit modern looking for me I may attempt to visit the store and see how they measure up. ikea
I will continue to work on finding inexpensive suppliers and update when I do. It’s probably safe to assume at least ONE of my equations is off, since my brain can only handle so much at a time Smile

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