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Mar 11, 2011

Milk Glass

{Some of my collection}
 Ahh Milk glass,...sweet satisfaction. I have been collecting this grandmother-y, simple yet elegant, thrift store regular for a while now. It probably all began with the fact that milk glass is so inexpensive. I was a teenager when it first began to appeal to me. It had that vintage feel that I loved with a cheap price tag and I could build my "collection" with reckless abandon. Seriously, has there ever been a yard sale, second hand store or salvation army that didn't offer at least one piece?
    I remember not too long ago ogling my grandmother's large Fenton milk glass hobnail basket...that's a mouth full...so she insisted I take it...INSISTED!  I wonder if milk glass, in the eyes of some older generations, comes across as a cheap, dust collecting, knick knack thing of their past. "oh, that old thing? take it, please!" But perhaps not. It may lend a sort of sentimental feeling since some pieces may have been around since their childhood.
   I started collecting and storing away for my future home...um, way before the home ever came. before it was even in the horizon. I'd like to think I wasn't the only one that was like this. It was sort of the adolescent version of playing house I suppose. When we moved in over a year ago, I had boxes and boxes...I think I'm blushing a little.. to unpack full of vintage things that Id been squirreling away for years. My milk glass being just one of them.
  Now I must say, this recent surge in the desire for milk glass, especially at weddings, has somewhat put a wrench in the works for me. Its partly because not only is it turning into THE definition of an indie wedding, (and who wants to play follow the leader?) But also because its driving up the prices everywhere! Ok so it's not super expensive now or anything, but searching for different or unusual pieces online results in, in my opinion, silly inflated price tags. Now I am not trying to claim that I am the only person on this earth who has a thing for milk glass and who loves it an collects it. No, I admit there are many out there. I am just a new kid to the team. But it is just a little sad to see my quaint and unassuming little milk glass turn into the bell of the ball so abruptly. Probably only to be forgotten again  and left in the dusty shadows. But what's old is new again, and fashion repeats itself over and over. Well when the 15 minutes of fame is up...I vow this,   I will always love you :)
{ ..needless to say I will be using my milk glass at my wedding! }

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